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Interviewing Tips for Beginner

Interviewing Tips for Beginner

Let to know the company
Laern as much as possible about the company, by reading the latest press release. Then, you can ask the recruiters informed question.

Prepare for your first interview
Remember, we’ve been there. We know how uncomfortable interviewing can be, especially when someone is going into details about your resume or application. Relax, and you’ll do just fine. We’re trying to get to know you better, so we’ll need your help. Be sure to express your strengths and skills clearly. You’ll also want to explain the areas you feel you need to develop. Don’t be afraid to share that with us. We can provide extensive training so if you’ve got a soft area or two, we can help you strengthen those areas. First interviews usually last about an hour.

During the interview
Listen well. Pay attention to the questions asked and make sure you give concise answers. Be honest. Nobody’s going to ask you if you have 20 years of experience. We know you’re just graduating from school. Simply emphasize your strong points for our benefit. Be direct, confident, and comfortable. If you don’t understand a question, ask to have it repeated.


Vladimir Medio


December 27, 2008 - Posted by | Tips buat Hepi


  1. Salam Kenal

    Biasanya apa saja yang ditanya ketika interview Teknis pipeline bagi yg masih fresh atau pengalaman 2 tahun plus jawabannya, thanx berat

    Best Regards


    Comment by bobby | June 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Waduh.. salah nih cak kalo nanyanya ke aku hehe..
      Pengalamanku sih interview utk fresh grad..

      Dulu beberapa hal basic yang ditanyakan seperti:

      * bedanya piping dg pipeline
      * code yg dipakai baik utk piping / pipeline
      * masalah stress analysis
      * masalah pipeline installation

      Tp smuanya adalah pengetahuan dasar kok jadi gak sesusah sperti yang dbayangkan, cuma kadang kita terlalu meyepelekan pertanyaan2 yg simpel jadinya pas interview lupa deh smuanya hehehe..

      Comment by vladvamphire | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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