Pseudo-Dynamic = men-Dynamic-kan Static Analysis

Kalo kita bicara masalah static analysis maka sudah pastinya this analysis only deals with the pipe and the lay equipment in static condition (tidak memperhatikan environmental load seperti wave atau pun barge motion). Static analysis biasanya mencakup initiation, normal lay, A&R, dan laydown. Semua analisis ini tidak memperhatikan environmental load (eg. Wave) dan juga barge motion, jadi pure static only. Tapi apakah mungkin kita akan mengalami keadaan ideal dimana tidak ada sama sekali wave atau pun barge yang bergoyang? Pastinya tidak mungkin bukan.. Jadinya sebenarnya semua analisa itu harus memperhatikan dynamic load, terutama wave dan barge motion, karena ini yang sangat mempengaruhi stress di pipe kita. Tapi apakah harus kita analisa semuanya seperti kita melakukan analisa dynamic pada umumnya? Jawabannya tentu juga tidak perlu. Tidak perlu sedetail itu. Sebenarnya, Continue reading “Pseudo-Dynamic = men-Dynamic-kan Static Analysis”

Houston, December 2011, 3 deg Celcius

Hi guys…

Tahun 2011 gak kerasa akan segera abis yah.. and it had been almost 1 month I am here in Houston, the center of oil and gas industry (many people said like that, isn’t it). Thanks God, that’s only I can say.. It is same just like last time when I went to Paris (beginning January 2011 till April 2011), I am just supporting the engineering team of Subsea 7 under temporary assignment from my company SapuraAcergy. SapuraAcergy is a joint venture between Sapura Crest and Acergy, and Acergy is no longer exist since they have merged with Subsea 7 and they become Subsea 7. So it is pretty common for internal employee transfer like me because we are in the same company group. In the football game we used to call this as loan player transfer hehe… anyway, I am glad to be here..

For almost one month, I am supporting the engineering team here for tendering in Gulf of Mexico (damn good, finally I am working on this zone) but in the shallow water area (surely it’s still OK for me).. Our client is one of Mexican company so the area is in the Mexico side. As per my skill, this is the Continue reading “Houston, December 2011, 3 deg Celcius”