Whats Up 2019!

It’s been a while.. Yeah, Family life makes me super busy. Never had a spare time to put my fingers on keyboard for updating my blog. I have tried but it’s just not happening. A husband of my wife, a father of my 2 awesome kids, an owner to Markotam Holdings, as well as an engineer to the Company, occupies most of my productive time (also spare time). Life just becomes too hectic! It’s not a complaint but a compliment to Life!

This blog brings me to what I am now, yup karena blog ini lah yang membawa saya sampai ke Nigeria, keluar dari zona nyaman di Indonesia dan sampai sekarang menjadi lebih kuat menjalani hidup ini. So, I will spend a few of my valuable time to update this blog! I mean it, finger crossed!

OFFPIPE, something that is tied with me for the last 10 years. Some people know me via this blog after searching for OFFPIPE. I am NOT actually an OFFPIPE master, I am just normal OFFPIPE user who is luckly having spare time to write about OFFPIPE – nothing more. The fact that I will use this blog as my future reference when I get lost! Lol!

OFFPIPE is no longer used by top tier installation contractor. The industry is now demanding a better software performance which can go beyond the normal limit of the structures. The choice falls into OrcaFlex! The consequences, I will start to write about OrcaFlex application for installation engineering from now on. OFPIPE will never be forgotten but it’s just being completed by OrcaFlex! OFFPIPE is preferably to use for fast track project or during tender stages.

Stay tuned!