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Careers in Oil and Gas

Careers in Oil and Gas

Some of the most common career opportunities at oil and gas company and in the exploration and production industry include:


Reservoir Engineer

You will be responsible for the Reservoir/Petroleum Engineering management of a number of oil and/or gas fields in the Cooper Basin. The role will involve developing and implementing Field Depletion Plans for your fields to maximise value. In addition, you will develop annual production forecasts, recommend reserves updates and prepare documentation and presentations for project approval and develop joint venture budgets.

Completions Engineer

You will optimise the planning and implementation of cased hole sub surface work programs for Santos’ onshore oil and gas wells. You will evaluate new work processes and the application of technology to improve the productivity and value of the work outcome. The role will involve strict adherence to environment, health and safety requirements as well as successful management of project cycle times, productivity and cost of work activities.

Drilling Engineer

You will provide engineering, design, planning and operational support for conventional oil and gas or coal seam gas drilling projects onshore. The role is responsible for the continuous improvement of the drilling operation, including environment, health and safety performance and the time and cost to drill wells. You have a continuous improvement work ethic and will be constantly researching and implementing means to improve the productivity of the drilling operation.

Fracture Stimulation Engineer

You will design, plan and execute fracture stimulation projects to maximise deliverability and reserve development of our hydrocarbon resources. Key responsibilities include enhancing the Fracture team’s productivity and providing pre- and post-project fracture stimulation support to Exploration and Exploitation teams.

Machinery Reliability Engineer

You will provide technical support with a focus on machinery performance across Santos’ operational sites. This will involve evaluations and recommendations for all mechanical rotating equipment and contributing to all stages of equipment life cycle. In addition, you will support cross-functional Site Reliability Teams to enable sustainable reliability performance.

Mechanical Engineer

With a focus on safety and integrity related projects, you will provide mechanical engineering support to operations assets and ensure improvement in asset management through the introduction of new technologies and programs.

Pipeline Engineer

You will support, develop and maintain programs to ensure the ongoing reliability and integrity of field pipelines and associated equipment across our onshore assets. A key focus is integrity management of the Cooper Basin pipelines and development of best practice risk-based programs.

Production Optimisation Engineer

Partially field-based, you will be the senior production optimisation engineer for the Cooper Basin fields managed by the Production Optimisation Team. Your main responsibility will be optimisation of the short-term management of the Cooper Basin fields, acting as key production optimisation support engineer for field-based members of the asset team.

Staff Petroleum Engineer

You will be responsible for the reservoir/petroleum engineering management of a number of oil and/or gas fields in our South Australian operations. The role will involve developing and implementing integrated FDPs for your fields, as well as project managing development/delineation projects and monitoring scheduling activity, including compression projects.

Integrity Engineer

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining best practice, risk based integrity programs that assure the ongoing reliability of pressure equipment across Santos operated assets.

You will also provide technical support to the operations on pressure equipment integrity management and materials selections, and coordinate failure investigations and steward implementation of improvement recommendations.

Reliability Engineer, Power and Control Systems

You will provide technical support with a focus on performance of Power and Control Systems (P&CS) across company’s operational sites.

Working as part of a team you will develop, monitor and continuously improve Reliability Management Plans for all P&CS equipment and major rotating machinery. You will also be accountable for facilitating and stewarding failure investigations and actions and initiating and monitoring Capital Projects to address identified reliability issues.

Plant Support Engineer

You will be responsible for monitoring and optimising plant performance to ensure preservation of plant capacities and product splits.

You will identify and implement improvement opportunities and steward failure investigations to actively reduce process, reliability and process safety risks. You will provide technical support and work closely with plant operations personnel.

Field Support Engineer

You will be responsible for the identification and closure of gaps between facilities capacity and actual performance including energy and machinery efficiency.

Within an operating field you will forecast field capability and using the management of change process, initiate and implement required changes to improve facility performance. You will carry out monthly reconciliation of field performance and use root cause analysis and production tools to develop improvement plans.


Responsible for assessing the hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary basins and prospects, including regional basin analysis, hydrocarbon systems analysis, detailed structural and stratigraphic studies incorporating surface and subsurface information, hydrocarbon play analysis and risk assessment. Also responsible for developing depletion plans for producing and yet to be developed fields, including focused reservoir studies building computer based 3D geological reservoir models.

Responsible for seismic data analysis, including structural and stratigraphic interpretation, geophysical modelling, velocity analysis and depth conversion, and seismic attribute analysis.

Responsible for integrating well data and well logs to arrive at evaluations of the oil and gas content and productivity of wells and accumulations.

Responsible for the provision of subsurface age determination, inferred stratigraphic correlation, depositional environments, hydrocarbon source rock potential and maturity data by analysing the organic matter contained in the sediments.

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